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DR E TITE MEH-13 E-Gitarren Saiten


Saiten E-Gitarre, Mega Heavy TITE FIT 013-056

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Nickel plated electric guitar strings with a round core. These Roundwounds strings are first-class all-round and are available in many different thicknesses and grades. This round core strings are manufactured according to traditional methods. The materials are the opposite but the latest and best of what is currently available on the market. Advantage of the round core strings is slightly higher due to the increased mass tension, resulting from a tighter sound and record on loose articulation. The Wound also has a closer contact to the string core. Flexible, durable, brilliant round tone: whether blues or rock, whether jazz or heavy metal. Also available for 7-string guitars and as a single string. - Guitar String - Nickel Plated Steel - roundwound - Round Core - Available for 6 and 7-string guitars

Set: .013", .017", .026", .036", .046", .056"


Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage *
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